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we_l0ve_music's Journal

we love every kinda music out there!
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1- tYp3 1ik3 d1s AnD d13! (translation-type like this and die)
2. dont judge.
3. in your first post put "music rocks my socks" so i know you read the rules.
4. now i dont believe in apps. but im gonna make one anyway. but dont worry. you'll be accepted 99.9% of the time.
5. pics must be put under lj-cut unless they are tiny.
6. app. must be under lj-cut as well.
**if you dont know how to do an lj-cut lemme know ill help ya out


3~Top 5 Favortie Bands/Singers~
4~Do you make icons? if you do would you be willing to make one for our community? Woudl you be willing to post them for people to snatch, particularly me becasue im a icon WHORE hehe?
5~do you like to party hardy?why?
6~Would you ever leave this community and bash the fuck out of it?
7~Do you like pink?why?
8~ if you dont like pink and its not your favorite color, what is? why?
9~1 or more descent pics. if you cant post a pic or dont know how...lemme know. you dont have to posst pics. you dont even hae to fill out this application if you dont wanna. i just like to know a little about the people that join <3